Boulder Valley School District

Strategic planning process begins: New plan to ‘honor and build upon’ the work started by the Success Effect

Randy Barber

Over the next six months the Boulder Valley School District will be working to build a new strategic plan. Superintendent Rob Anderson says his goal is to build upon what is already working in the district, improve where possible, and set measurable goals that ensure progress and accountability.

“A lot of people in our community -- including teachers, staff and parents -- helped to shape The Success Effect. As we look to the district’s future, it is important to me that we honor and build upon that work, while still looking for ways we can continually improve,” Anderson said.

During his first 100 days as superintendent, Anderson visited every school in BVSD and met with nearly every teacher and hundreds of parents and community members.

“Our teachers and staff are incredibly proud of this school district and their work,” Anderson said. “They also shared some areas where they would like to see improvement.”

Below are the high-level emerging trends that Superintendent Anderson shared with the Board of Education when he provided a progress report at the end of his first 100 days.


  • Proud to be BVSD
  • Teachers feel valued and respected
  • Talent is our strength - we have high quality people across the board
  • Support and energy for equity and supporting all students
  • Outstanding partnership with BVEA
  • Community support and heart


  • One size does not fit all (for schools or kids)
  • Continue to improve systems to assess Return on Investment (ROI) in order to increase overall efficiency and effectiveness
  • Strategic alignment of partnerships
  • Balance autonomy (local) vs. consistent practice (district)
  • Work to stay informed of and address community issues through constant engagement


BVSD is gathering everything learned during Rob’s 100-Day Plan, including all of the feedback gathered, and will merge it with the current plan and a program inventory, which is also underway.

“The new plan will be focused on our collective priorities and will be data-based,” Anderson explained. “We will develop measures of success and align our budget and resources to the  priorities we have set together.”

Here is a tentative timeline for the strategic planning process:

  • December 2018 - Collect and review data including feedback from 100-Day plan
  • January 2019 - Development of student outcomes and strategic themes
  • End of January 2019 - Priority student outcomes and strategic themes defined
  • February - March 2019 - Development of potential strategic initiatives
  • Early April 2019 - Approval of strategic initiatives
  • April 2019 - Development of phased implementation plan
  • End of April 2019 - Approval of implementation plan by Board of Education
  • June 2019 - Strategic plan finished, presented to the public

There will a number of opportunities for students, faculty and staff, families and community members to provide input. Look for more information within the next month.


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