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Superintendent plan for his first 100 days

Randy Barber

BVSD’s new leader makes connecting with community his top priority

BOULDER - In coming months, students, parents, staff and community members should have plenty of opportunities to meet Boulder Valley School District’s new superintendent, Dr. Rob Anderson.

The district’s new leader recently released a 100-Day Plan, which lays out an ambitious vision for his introduction into the Boulder Valley community. Amongst the goals is visits to all 57 BVSD schools and events in every community.

“The core of the 100-Day plan is getting out and listening and engaging,” Anderson said.

He has made it a priority to create deep, lasting connections with people throughout the community.

“If I do this well, I won’t be a strange face when I show up places,” Anderson said with a laugh. “I will be a visible leader and people will know who I am.”

“As I join this community, I want to understand what makes it great and engage as many people as possible, including some that typically engage and others that do not. That is really important for me,” Anderson added.

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New Boulder Valley school Superintendent Rob Anderson plans for first 100 days

Additionally, Anderson plans to assess the Success Effect, BVSD’s current Strategic Plan, to understand the work already done and the strengths that can be built upon moving forward. He also will be evaluating the Draft Equity Plan and prioritizing key action items.

“We are continuing the [Equity] work that started last year,” Anderson said. “I want to honor that and continue to have that conversation in deep and meaningful ways with our community, as we think about the future. How can we ensure that we deliver on our promise of equity to every kid we serve in this district?”

Anderson is also working to increase collaboration between district administration and the Board of Education. He plans to meet with individual Board members, as well as the group as a whole.

“I want to build a great relationship with the Board of Education,” Anderson said. “Strong governance is important for great school districts.”

Read Anderson’s 100-Day Plan and track his progress at The plan outlines specific actions the new superintendent plans to take prior to the end of November 2018.

“By building on the great success of the past and creating new, long-term relationships, I believe that together we can make BVSD the absolute best school district in the country,” Anderson said.


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