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Teacher, parent surveys provide BVSD with snapshots of life in the classroom – and soon– during Home Learning

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BVSD recently received the results of two surveys, one for educators – the TLCC Survey and another for families – the Annual Parent Survey. They are giving district and school leaders a snapshot of teaching, learning and perceptions prior to pandemic. Additionally surveys going out this week will provide us with insight into how we can improve Home Learning from elementary families and secondary students.

Teaching and Learning Conditions in Colorado (TLCC) Survey

Every two years, educators in the Boulder Valley School District throughout the State of Colorado are encouraged to share honestly about their and their students’ experiences during the Teaching and Learning Conditions in Colorado (TLCC) Survey.

Initiated through HB08-1384, the Teaching and Learning Conditions in Colorado (TLCC), formerly known as TELL Colorado, is a statewide, confidential survey, administered by Cambridge Education, which intends to support school, district, and state improvement planning, as well as research and policy.

“In BVSD, we are always interested in continuous improvement and this data is very helpful,” explained BVSD East Support Network Area Superintendent Robbyn Fernandez. “ We use the survey results as we have conversations with principals and staff about their experiences. We often use it as a way to congratulate principals, as well as supporting them in areas of growth. It really helps us understand how leadership impacts staff and staff impacts the experiences and growth of students.”

Typically, the data is used to understand a comprehensive view of the school experiences for adults and students. Based on this information, we look at the root causes of these perceptions.

“After we identify the root cause, how do we address it, whether it is coaching or resources or whatever type of support we can give the leader and/or staff to identify specific goals and to do anything we can to help them reach those goals,” Fernandez said.

She also says that the TLCC is just one data point that district and school leaders use. The Annual Parent Survey and other feedback gathered over the course of the year is very helpful.

The results for Boulder Valley and many of Colorado’s 179 school districts are available on the TLCC Survey website. Results are only available for school districts and schools that get at least 50% participation and at least five respondents.

Fernandez says there weren’t any big surprises. As always, BVSD’s results were in line with educators across the state. There were slight drops in a few indicators, which Fernandez believes is likely due to changes in leadership at both the school and district level.

Our educators felt most positively about Community Support and Involvement and their Overall Reflection, which includes their impression of their school and future employment plans. 

“Schools feel like they are doing a really good job supporting students, working together as school teams and collaborating with their communities,” Fernandez said.

Our educators, like others across the state, felt least positively about Time, including its availability and the way it is used.

“Time always ranks at the bottom,” acknowledged Fernandez. “We agree that there simply isn’t enough time to collaborate and work to individualize instruction for students. It is something that we are constantly working to address in BVSD, but is challenging given our priority of doing our very best to support each student's needs.”

Annual Parent Survey

At the beginning of February, the Annual Parent Survey went out to BVSD families. Many parents filled it out online, but paper surveys were sent to homes without email addresses.

While the data is still being analyzed, the BVSD Assessment and Program Evaluation office says overall, results are very positive and consistent over time. 

This year, a short survey was included about the academic calendar survey, with a majority (50 percent indicating that they prefer to stay with the current calendar. The remainder of respondents were split between wanting to start in late August or early September.

Home Learning Surveys

As you know, everything changed in March, when COVID-19 struck, prompting educators to quickly stand up Home Learning. Knowing that Home Learning or elements of remote learning may be necessary moving forward, depending on social distancing restrictions, over the past week BVSD sent out a survey to secondary students and elementary parents to gather feedback on how things have been going over the past two months and soliciting feedback on how we can improve.

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More information on these last two surveys will be available in coming months.


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