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BVSD to break ground on New Vista High School

BVSD to break ground on New Vista High School
Randy Barber

New facility funded by 2022 Building for Student Success program

BOULDER - On Thursday, BVSD will celebrate  the beginning of construction of the new New Vista High School with a groundbreaking.

New Vista Groundbreaking
When: Thursday, August 24, 6-7:30 p.m.
Where: New Vista High School, 700 20th Street in Boulder

In November, Boulder Valley School District voters generously approved a $350 million bond issue, which will provide improvements to school buildings across the district– including replacing the aging New Vista building.

About the new New Vista building

The $47.2 million project will provide a new 76,000 square foot building that will serve students for 70 years with significantly better energy efficiency and reduced ongoing maintenance costs. In addition, the new building design supports the educational program better, with features such as a modern performance space/auditorium, outdoor learning spaces, and flexible learning spaces.

About the current New Vista building

New Vista High School is housed in a building that was originally constructed in 1952 as Baseline Junior High School. New Vista moved into the building in 2003.

A facility assessment conducted in 2019 determined that the building is approaching the end of its useful life and calculated that the cost to renovate and address identified deficiencies exceeded 75 percent of the cost to construct a new building to serve the New Vista program. 

In 2020, the New Vista Working Group, led by a local architect and including students, parents and community members, considered a spectrum of options and ultimately recommended that the building be replaced. In January 2021, the BVSD Board of Education endorsed the recommendation and last summer included the new building on the November 2022 ballot.

With the generous support of our taxpayers, construction will now move forward. The new building will be built on the same site as the current building.

About New Vista High School

New Vista High School was founded as a focus school in 1993 and currently serves an enrollment of approximately 300 students. 

New Vista actively engages every student in rigorous learning. Our program includes: high academic and behavioral expectations for all students; personal relationships built on mutual respect with all adults in the building; an advisor who supports each student from enrollment through graduation; choices that allow students to shape the educational program to meet their needs and interests; active learning within all classrooms as well as varied and engaging course offerings; and significant opportunities to learn in the community. The New Vista school culture  values individuals, community and learning with an explicit emphasis on understanding and valuing diversity.


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