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Targeted Support Lifts Four BVSD Schools

Targeted Support Lifts Four BVSD Schools
Randy Barber

Columbine, Kohl, Pioneer and Sanchez assigned highest rating

BOULDER - Today the Boulder Valley School District received another indication that its All Together for All Students Strategic Plan is having a significant impact. CDE released preliminary District and School Performance Framework data this afternoon and BVSD’s four high support schools – Columbine, Kohl, Pioneer and Sanchez – were named “Performance” schools. This is an affirmation of the hard work of the schools’ students, teachers, staff and administrators.

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District Performance Framework
School Performance Frameworks 

In the preliminary framework, BVSD is Accredited.  

Consistent with previous years, BVSD’s rating of Accredited is based on student achievement and growth, as well as postsecondary and workforce readiness. These elements are combined to form a score that, this year, fell about two percentage points below the cut score for the highest category, Accredited with Distinction.  (Note that CDE’s scoring criteria were revised from the 2018 version of the performance framework, in which we were Accredited with Distinction.  Caution should be applied in comparing present with pre-2019 ratings due to new criteria and changes in the tests and measures used for these determinations.)   

The substantial progress we have seen in academic growth at schools following data driven instructional strategies has paid off in the form of higher ratings at four elementary schools: Columbine, Kohl, Pioneer and Sanchez.  All four were assigned a Performance rating, which is the highest level CDE gives schools. 

Based on this rating and high participation at Sanchez, we will request that the State Board of Education count this Performance rating as the first of two consecutive years that are necessary for Sanchez to be removed from the Accountability Clock altogether.  Arapahoe Ridge and Nederland Middle Senior also improved to reach the Performance level this year.

Additional support to be provided to schools with lower ratings

Four BVSD schools had lower ratings this year than in 2019, our last full year of testing pre-pandemic.  Three of these schools earned a rating of Improvement: two middle schools noted as having low participation, Angevine and Broomfield Heights, and Coal Creek Elementary.

Coal Creek was close to reaching the Performance level despite the challenges many students experienced in the aftermath of the Marshall fire. BVSD is planning to appeal Coal Creek’s rating based on additional evidence of growth and achievement.

With lower growth indicated at  middle schools, BVSD will be working to provide support to its middle level teachers and administrators. The district was already planning to expand efforts to improve its instructional infrastructure at the secondary level this year and will plan to incorporate best practices learned at the high support elementary schools.

Casey Middle School, specifically, received a rating of Priority Improvement.  We are supporting Casey’s new leadership to fulfill the community engagement and improvement planning responsibilities required for this status.

Four schools had insufficient data to receive a rating: Boulder Universal and our three mountain elementary schools.  We will use local data to recommend a rating for CDE to assign to our smallest schools, Gold Hill and Jamestown.  Nederland Elementary and Boulder Universal will retain the Insufficient Data rating based on the issue being low participation rather than small size alone.

Our overall district rating includes a note that we had low participation, meaning that in two or more content areas, fewer than 95% of eligible students overall took state assessments.  We as a district would not have incurred a penalty in our rating, however, due to the vast majority of non-participating students having been excused from testing by a parent in accordance with state statute and board policy.  In any event, CDE is not assessing a participation penalty this year.  Had they done so, three BVSD high schools would have incurred a rating reduction penalty for unexcused non-participation. 


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