Boulder Valley School District

Our People

Our People

picture of Amela Aljkanović

Amela Aljkanović, Conference Center Technician for the Education Center has been an integral part of the Boulder Valley School District (BVSD) for over a decade. The Ed Center serves as the central hub for training sessions and meetings for staff, district leadership, the board of education, and sometimes external clients. Aljkanović makes a world of difference to BVSD, ensuring that events and meetings at the Ed Center run smoothly and efficiently, and contributing to the district’s overall success and sense of community.

Lalenia Quinlan Aweida

Prior to becoming a Boulder Valley School District Board of Education member in December 2023, Lalenia Quinlan Aweida devoted her time to various initiatives aimed at safeguarding vulnerable individuals. From her involvement with Blue Sky Bridge, working in classrooms as a Sexual Assault Prevention Educator, serving as a Victim Advocate for the Sheriff’s Office, to her tenure with Moving to End Sexual Assault (MESA) and her Restorative Justice work with the Boulder County District Attorney’s Office, it’s clear that Quinlan Aweida is committed to the well-being of Boulder and the surrounding community.

Boulder High Staff Member

After 30 years, a familiar face at the front desk at Boulder High School will be retiring. Juletta Frank, the school’s receptionist and school support assistant, knows the school inside and out – in part because of her long tenure, but also because she was once a student there.


A Colorado native with a passion for education and community, Beth Niznik embodies the spirit of constructive engagement and intentional governance. She brings a deep commitment to facilitating dialogue and fostering understanding, particularly in moments of conflict.

Alex Medler

Alex Medler joined the BVSD Board of Education in December 2023, bringing with him 32 years of experience advocating for education. His professional path has been diverse, spanning roles in research, policy development, and advocacy. Notably, Medler played a pivotal role in shaping charter school policies - working closely with state and federal agencies to ensure that all children have access to quality education regardless of their background.