Boulder Valley School District
Boulder Valley School District Strategic Plan

The Boulder Valley School District has developed a new Strategic Plan. This ambitious, exciting and comprehensive effort will guide BVSD for the next five years and aims at bringing everyone together to meet the needs of all students.

We believe that Boulder Valley is uniquely positioned because of its resources and outstanding educators to overcome the challenges we face, including an achievement gap that educators across Colorado and the nation have struggled to address.

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Long Term Outcomes

Our new Strategic Plan will be focused on the needs of our students. For this reason, BVSD administrators, employees, parents and community members have three Long Term Student Outcomes -- specific, student-focused, measurable results that we want our students to achieve across the district.

Ignite- fire icon with mountains in back

All students benefit from challenging and relevant educational opportunities

Equip, mountains and backpack icon

Reduce disparities in achievement

Soar: mountain and wing icon

Every student graduates empowered with the skills necessary for post-graduate success

Strategic Themes

Strategic Themes are areas that must be addressed to achieve long-term outcomes.

Strategic Theme 1

Ensure all instruction is challenging, engaging, relevant and meets the needs of all students

Strategic Theme 2

Provide schools and educators with responsive and customized supports to best serve students

Strategic Theme 3

Engage the talent and passion of our community and families through communication, empowerment and partnership

Strategic Theme 4

Cultivate a positive and inclusive culture throughout BVSD that promotes the well-being of students, families and employees

Phase 1 Initiatives

We are excited to launch phase 1 of our Strategic Plan. Six initiatives were selected to be implemented in Phase 1 of the Strategic Plan, launched in Fall 2019. The remaining initiatives will be implemented over the next few years. The initiatives all fall under one of the four themes above.

Learn about the Phase 1 Initiatives

Stakeholder Engagement

Over the 2018-19 school year, Boulder Valley School District engaged in an intensive strategic planning process, which has culminated in a comprehensive plan and the first phase of action initiatives.

Learn more about the process behind the Strategic Plan.

About the Strategic Plan