Boulder Valley School District

3a: Create a tiered system of school requirements, supports, and accountability metrics which drive the allocation of resources


Strategic Theme 2: Provide schools and educators with responsive and customized supports to best serve students

What will we do?

  • develop a tiered system of school supports
  • receive feedback and implement

Why are we doing this?

It will allow us to implement the Strategic Initiatives in a differentiated way - not one size fits all. By individualizing this work, schools needs will be specifically met and we will blend the important balance of district initiatives with school autonomy based on performance.

Related Initiatives

Phase 1:

3c: Create a system to monitor and assess academic return on investment for current and future programs

Other Phases:

3b:  Implement a needs-based allocation system

Senior Leadership Develops Tiered System of School Supports
Tiered System of School Supports- Feedback Cycles

September 2019 - March 2020

Tiered System of School Supports Implementation Plan

April 2020- Dec 2020

Budget Cycle Begins

January 2021