Boulder Valley School District

5a: Establish a system for strategically managing existing partnerships and building new partnerships

Strategic Theme 3: Engage the talent and passion of our community and families through communication, empowerment and partnership

What will we do?

  • define types of BVSD partnerships
  • research partnership management systems
  • create a job description for a partnership coordinator position
  • pilot, then implement, a partnership management system

Why are we doing this?

This initiative will allow us to partner with the greater community with a strong, collective focus on our long term outcomes.

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Other Phases:

5b.  Embrace community assets to ensure meaningful career discovery and postgraduate preparation across all school levels for every student

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Timeline and Milestones

Draft Partnership Coordinator Job Description


Define Types of BVSD Partnerships


Create a flowchart depicting different types of partnerships


Define Criteria for Initiating and Sustaining Partnerships


Pilot Groups Test New System

April 2020- December 2020

Implement Partnership Management System

January 2021

Submit Request for Proposals (RFP) for Partnership Management System

Spring 2020