Boulder Valley School District

6a: Define and put into practice culturally responsive principles and best practices that challenge inequity and bias

Strategic Theme 4: Cultivate a positive and inclusive culture throughout BVSD that promotes the well-being of students, families and employees

What will we do?

  • conduct professional development in bullying prevention and response
  • seek input from advisory groups
  • review discipline practices and procedures
  • create a district wide bullying policy
  • create a framework for culturally responsive practices and principles
  • review culturally responsive hiring practices

Why are we doing this?

By implementing common best practices, we will be able to better serve all students and build stronger trust among our community. By setting the right systems and practices in place, we will reduce the disproportionality that exists today.

Related Initiatives

Phase 1:

1a. Create a standards-based scope and sequence for PreK-12

Other Phases:

6b. Develop and implement an employee support system to increase their overall wellness and efficacy in serving students

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