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Second Long-Term Outcome: Equip

In our All Together for All Students Strategic Plan our second Long Term Student Outcome is Equip, ensuring that we reduce disparities in achievement by making sure ALL students have the support they need so they can all reach their full potential.

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Every child comes to school with different strengths and challenges

There are many factors that determine a child’s degree of readiness to face each day’s lessons. From time-to-time students come to class with gaps in their skills and knowledge that can impact their understanding of future concepts. If left unaddressed, this can lead to student frustration with learning to a point where they tune out, shut down and in some cases drop out.

We can’t afford to let this happen.

Whether it is firming up key skills or, in some cases, rebuilding a student’s foundation in an area of learning, we must address student challenges as early as possible. This is accomplished through personalized support for students, narrowly focused on their individual needs. 

Data-Driven Instruction will help our educators EQUIP students for success

Through the All Together for All Students Strategic Plan we are in the process of implementing Data-Driven Instruction (DDI) in schools across the district to address this. Using assessments, educators regularly check-in with students to shed light on each student’s understanding and challenges. Then using the data collected, teachers in a school can work collaboratively to find and implement targeted solutions. 

Alicia Sanchez Elementary Data Driven Instruction Approach

The educators at Alicia Sanchez Elementary School in Lafayette are strategically using data collected while teaching to better support their students both academically and social-emotionally.


Math Study Table Builds Math Confidence

The students at Fairview High School don't say that they're not good at math. They say they aren't good at it yet. A program at the school aims to build their confidence, while giving them the extra time needed sometime to conquer the skills needed to excel in math and problem solving in general.

Virtual Intervention Program

Three teachers who were driven to online learning during the pandemic due to necessity, have chosen to stay have realized the power of online learning and are now using it to help struggling readers become reading scientists.

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