Boulder Valley School District

Excellence Through Equity Projects

Family and Educators Together (FET)

Why is this important?

Offers a platform for traditionally overlooked families to share their voices on how schools can improve the academic learning and social experiences for their children. Begins to meet a strong need that schools have to strengthen relationships, trust, and communication with underrepresented families.

Project Description

Family and Educators Together (FET) is a team of family members from underrepresented communities and educators that collaborate to support the success and well-being of students and improve family members' connection with the school. The school teams draw upon parent and staff voices to help create a stronger school community for all. Currently, there are FET teams at the following schools: Boulder High, Fairview, Centaurus, Centennial, Manhattan, Whittier, Crest View, Pioneer, Uni Hill, and Columbine.

Actions Taken/Timeline


  • Families
  • Staff