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Food Outreach Champions

Why is this important?

Many families experience food insecurity on an ongoing basis and depend on the public school system to provide their children with breakfast and lunch. With the closure of schools, the slowing of the economy, increased unemployment, and a world-wide pandemic, thousands of families found themselves in a dire situation. BVSD and its community allies used its resources to organize a reliable source of food and provide delivery for those people most impacted by COVID-19.

Project Description

In close partnership with BVSD Food Services, Equity and Partnerships organized a team of BVSD community liaisons, teachers, principals, front office staff, and community volunteers. While the Food Services Team orchestrated food and set up 9 emergency food distribution centers for the BVSD Community, the team of volunteers localized and delivered food to families unable to access the distribution centers. The emergency food program sprung into action on March 19 and continues to thrive today, providing fresh and nutritious meals to Boulder Valley residents twice a week. Along with a generous outpouring from community organizations, the Equity and Partnerships team of Food Delivery Champions continues to service the most vulnerable BVSD families. These outreach champions have worked throughout the summer delivering food and additional resources including gift cards, books, personal care products, masks, and art supplies.

Actions Taken/Timeline

March 2020-ongoing


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