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IT Chromebook Distribution and Internet Access

Why is this important?

As of March 13th, the day school was suspended due to COVID, thousands of students found themselves either without a computer device and/or without internet access. Recognizing the urgency of connecting students and families with technology and to the internet, and understanding the inequity of a Home Learning platform under the circumstances, BVSD’s IT and Equity and Partnerships Team jumped into action.

Project Description

Together with a dedicated team of passionate principals, community liaisons, and support staff, BVSD's Information Technology department succeeded in connecting close to 1,000 families to the internet and distributed more than 6,000 Chromebook devices to students throughout the district. Boulder’s IT Team collaborated with the Boulder Public Library, who donated 100 hotspots enabling students to establish an immediate internet connection. Staff network organized a thorough distribution plan through a combination of making and taking phone calls to the IT help line and responding to teacher feedback re: student attendance in their virtual classes. IT deepened its partnership with the wireless technology company LiveWire. Boulder partners with the company, allowing LiveWire to mount signal antennas on a variety of schools in the district in exchange for free internet access to free/reduced lunch qualified families, encompassing 21 percent of Boulder Valley School District’s population. This means that students are able to participate in Home Learning, and parents can embark on a journey of learning about technology and digital literacy. BVSD revealed one silver lining under the dire COVID circumstances as the district made more headway in narrowing the digital divide in 3 months than it did in the last decade.

Actions Taken/Timeline

March 2020-ongoing


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