Boulder Valley School District

Excellence Through Equity Projects

Materials Taskforce

Why is this important?

Ensure BVSD has materials that create a more complex, positive, and authentic picture of the diverse lives of students and the diverse world of us all. They should be free of race-based discrimination and promote equity for all.

Project Description

Taskforce of community members, BVSD leadership, and teachers are creating a process for reviewing materials for positive representations, race-based discrimination, and equity; ensuring there is a careful, efficient, and meaningful examination of new texts/songs so we don’t have gaps of the past; and, developing a protocol to look at materials when there is a question about representation/discrimination.


Began meeting monthly beginning April 23; Have protocol draft built by September 21 and finalized by October

Actions Taken/Timeline

In the winter for 2020, the taskforce already looked at materials currently in use that come from minstrel songs/poems. Those materials were removed from classrooms.

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