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grad plus

Preparing students for their futures

Future careers will continue to evolve, likely in ways that are difficult to predict. Our graduates will need the skills and confidence to keep learning and remaining flexible throughout their careers.

Work-Based Learning

  • Industry Sponsored Projects
  • School-Based Enterprises
  • Internships
  • Apprenticeships
  • and more!

Seal of Biliteracy

  • Completion of Coursework
  • Show Proficiency in English
  • Show Proficiency in World Language

Learn more: Seal of Biliteracy


ASCENT 2023 group photo

ASCENT, a program that offers a year of free college tuition at either Front Range Community College or Metro State University, has expanded to offer an unlimited number of awardees. In response, BVSD celebrated and identified almost 500 seniors who have qualified in one year’s time. Over 40 of those students were approved to participate in the program, an increase from just four students in the spring of 2022.

work based learning

Boulder Valley School District has a goal of providing work-based learning experiences, opportunities, and access on a greater scale, across the entire K-12 system. This starts with changing the perception of work-based learning. It is not just about offering a few internships or guest speakers, it is about making sure that every BVSD student, in every grade, has the opportunity to connect what they are learning in school to the industry-based world around them. 

Industry certifications open doors for students, build resumes

When a Boulder Valley School District student applies for a job, one of the ways that they can stand out is by earning industry certifications while enrolled in school. “Industry certificates are defined by the specific businesses and industry areas as a way for their current employees or prospective employees to demonstrate that they have a certain level of competency in that particular area,” explained Dr. Arlie Huffman, BVSD’s director of Career and Technical Education (CTE) and the principal of Boulder TEC. 

Grad Plus Student Story

On May 24, 2023, Monarch High School student shared his experience with Grad Plus, Concurrent Enrollment and the ASCENT program to the Boulder Valley School District Board of Education.

Grad Plus Launch

On March 8, district leadership presented the idea of Grad Plus to the Boulder Valley School District Board of Education. Learn more about the elements of the effort and our plans for the future of post secondary success in BVSD.