Boulder Valley School District

First Long-Term Outcome: Inspire

In our All Together for All Students Strategic Plan our first Long Term Student Outcome is Inspire, ensuring that All students benefit from challenging and relevant educational opportunities.

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When learning is engaging and applicable to our students’ lives, it lights a passion for learning that can last a lifetime.

Our goal in the Boulder Valley School District is to find ways to spark a love of learning in our students. Our outstanding educators excel at making lessons accessible to our students and relevant to their lives – while still ensuring that everyone is rigorously challenged, universally.

Of course, each of our students are different. They have different interests, strengths and challenges, so it is important that we provide them opportunities to decide what they want to study, who they want to work with, what outcomes they expect, and where and when they do their work.

Research shows that learning sticks when students are fully engaged and the experiences are connected between subjects.

Through our strategic planning work, we are aiming to ensure that there is consistency across our district by defining the most important state standards and the best instructional practices. In order to ensure every student succeeds, we must make sure that their instruction is aligned from grade to grade and from level to level – while still giving our outstanding teachers the flexibility to determine the day-to-day lessons and best ways to meet the needs of their specific students.

The Case of the Mysterious Melting Blocks

During inquiry-based learning, engagement is high as students use the scientific method to determine the cause of phenomena they are witnessing. 


A Love of Learning for Physics Students

Through hands-on learning and interactions from experts outside of the classroom, Broomfield High School teacher Susie Nicholson-Dykstra is able to inspire a love of learning in her physics students.

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