Boulder Valley School District

Third Long-Term Outcome: Soar

In our All Together for All Students Strategic Plan our third Long Term Student Outcome is Soar, ensuring that EVERY student graduates empowered with the skills necessary for post-graduate success.

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Education must change to prepare students for their futures.Today the most sought-out jobs are in artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science, cybersecurity and digital transformation. The future of work will continue to evolve. 

In a rapidly changing world, today’s students need educational experiences that go far beyond the traditional classroom environment. To be competitive, students need experiences that push them academically, develop skills that are immediately applicable, and require them to engage with real-world problems in structured, supported, real-world contexts.

Grad Plus

In order to meet this objective, BVSD recently launched Grad Plus, a framework that expands opportunities for students to graduate with more than just a diploma, empowered with the additional skills and the competitive advantage to contend for the college and career of their choice, including jobs that haven't even been imagined yet. Grad Plus bolsters opportunities for students to earn college credit while in high school, participate in work-based experience, achieve industry certifications and become invaluable to companies locally and internationally by becoming full bilingual and biliterate. 

Preparing students at every age

While a lot of focus is naturally on the secondary level, we know that career exploration is necessary for all students - at every step along their educational journey.

At the elementary level, this will take shape with increased opportunities for guest speakers, field trips and introductory activities, like coding, robotics or creating something in a makerspace.

As students mature, the focus moves to learning through experiential and hands-on classes and shadowing professionals. Then, in high school, they participate in industry aligned classes, apprenticeships and internships. 

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