Boulder Valley School District
Boulder Valley School District, Excellence & Equity. A message from Dr. Rob Anderson, Superintendent
Let’s slow down and drive more carefully for our kids and community

As Superintendent, I take the safety of all 31,000 students we serve very seriously. In the past few weeks since school has started we have had several crashes in which cars have hit students walking or biking to school. Thankfully, none of the students have been seriously injured, but it has certainly been alarming.

As you may know, the Boulder Valley School District strongly encourages students, their families and staff to walk, bike or take alternative transportation options to school because it is good for our physical and environmental health, plus it helps to alleviate the traffic around our schools making arrival and dismissal at our buildings far safer for everyone involved.

We are asking everyone to be careful as we Share Our Roads. Everyone plays a role. By slowing down and being cautious, together, we can avoid tragedy in the future.

This is an especially important message for drivers. Behind the wheel of our often multi-ton vehicles – we all have a higher level of responsibility – because careless actions can be deadly. Please slow down and keep an eye out for students, especially in school zones and around crosswalks. Several of the students hit this year were in crosswalks, something that is especially concerning.

Let’s slow down and pay attention. Our kids’ lives could depend on it.

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