The Nurse Care Coach These brief videos cover a range of information about the role of the Nurse Care Coach (NCC for short); from the services she provides to how she works with your physician as part of your care team and how your medical information is kept private.
This series was created by the clinicians in your local Boulder Valley Care Network for members of the Boulder Valley School District's Standard and Basic benefit plans. To learn more about your local Boulder Valley Care Network please visit BVSD's Benefit's webpage or visit
To contact Stephanie Grant, R.N., W.C.C., please email her at
Meet BVSD’s Nurse Care Coach:  Stephanie Grant, R.N., W.C.C.  
“A healthy body is the guest chamber of the soul”
Francis Bacon
The BVSD Nurse Care Coaching (NCC) program was established to help support employees and their family members in reaching their optimal health.   This year, we have a new NCC to introduce to our employees.  Stephanie Grant looks forward to serving the employees of the Boulder Valley School District, as a health and wellness advocate and in any area of wellness or health where personal coaching is in order.   In addition to general health and wellness coaching, Stephanie is available to help employees understand their doctor’s recommendations, answer questions about those recommendations, and facilitate a process for following through on them.
Stephanie is certified as a Nurse Coach through the Colorado Center for Nursing Excellence.  In addition to coaching patients and their families, she also coaches other healthcare professionals.  She believes a crucial part of coaching is the recognition of barriers that interfere with success.   She focuses on identification of the patient’s learning style, values and priorities so that care goals are realistic and attainable.   Knowing one’s self and tailoring goals to support that are an integral part of the journey to improving health and wellness. 
A Registered Nurse for over 35 years, Stephanie is experienced in the care and treatment of chronic medical conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, and chronic pain, as well as a vast array of other medical conditions.  As Director of Nursing she earned the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid’s 5-star rating (highest possible) for Health Care and has led several health care initiatives to improve the quality of patient care.  Stephanie is a nationally accredited Wound Care Nurse recognized for the development of wound care protocols, formularies and algorithms currently utilized by nurses throughout Colorado.  
Stephanie lives in the Boulder area, where she enjoys running and hiking. She also enjoys cooking with a focus on whole organic meats, vegetables and sprouted grains flavored with natural herbs and spices. Stephanie believes simple, uncomplicated food preparation is a key factor for staying on target with nutrition goals. She is an advocate for exercise routines that are designed to connect a person to their environment and to their emotional center, and believes these routines are the most likely to lead to lifelong adoption.
BVSD employees can expect to receive health and wellness information from Stephanie in the near future.  You can also contact her at 303-530-5289 with questions and requests for coaching or help in finding a local physician.

​For a directory of physicians, please visit the BVCN Web Site.