Rocky Mountain Reserve is the district administrator for the Flexible Spending Accounts.

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 FLEXIBLE SPENDING PLANS - Enrollment period is once a year during the month of November

The Flexible Spending Accounts are also referred to as Section 125 Plans. The plan year is based on a calendar year, January 1 - December 31. Employees enroll in these plan(s) to reduce taxable income through pre-tax deductions that are then used to pay for eligible expenses. Employees who enroll during open enrollment will receive a dollar for dollar matching contribution up to a maximum of $120 from the district towards their health spending account.

The employee portion of the district health, dental, and vision premiums are also part of this plan. Currently, pre-tax deductions for Section 125 plans are not considered salary for PERA purposes. If you are considering PERA retirement within five years or less, contact PERA for advice taking post-tax or pre-tax deductions.

If you choose to enroll in one or both Flex Plans, we recommend being conservative when estimating your election so that you are sure to spend your entire election amount. Any amounts not claimed for reimbursement will be forfeited. You must furnish complete information and receipts as required to the plan administrator. You cannot change your election during the plan year unless you have a qualifying change in status (change in marital status, change in number of dependents, change in employment status of participant or spouse). The change you elect must be consistent with the status change.

The maximum annual amount that you may contribute to the Health Care Flexible Spending account is $2,650. The maximum annual amount you may contribute to the Dependent Care Flexible Spending account is $5,000 (per household).



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