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Since the fall of 2004, the BVSD Capital Improvements Planning Committee (CIPC) has conducted exhaustive research, review, discussion and analysis of all BVSD facilities’ capital needs. Their research included a series of public meetings, "charrettes," to gather community feedback on the direction any capital improvements should take. Nine such "charrettes,"were held in February and March of 2006 to gather input from the community on what they believed should be the district's priorities for capital improvements. To view the surveys, the committee roster, and bulletins issued, use the links at the right.

 Documentos Traducidos al Español para Escuelas Seleccionadas

Algunas partes importantes del Informe Final del Plan Maestro de Instalaciones Educativas han sido traducidas al español para su conveniencia, inclusive el Resumen Ejecutivo, la sección de Recomendaciones del Plan y un cierto número de informes sobre cada escuela. Por favor usen el enlace de abajo para tener acceso a estas traducciones.

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 February-June 2007 - Bond Information Technology Advisory Committee

The Bond Information Technology Advisory Committee was formed to assist in the development of a Request for Proposal (RFP) to hire a consultant to design improvements for the wide area network identified in the Educational Facilities Masterplan.

Bond Information Technology Advisory Committee  

 November 2006 - Initial Implementation Update

On November 7, 2006, the voters of the Boulder Valley School District approved Ballot Measure 3A authorizing the issuance of $296.8 million in bonds for district facility improvements set forth in the Educational Facilities Master Plan that was approved by the Board of Education on June 13, 2006.

The original planning for the bond issue called for the issuance of debt in three increments: $120 million in 2007; $100 million in 2009 and $76.8 million in 2012. These amounts were based upon a preliminary six year, three-phase project list.

November 28, 2006 Report to the Board of Education

 August 2006 - Board of Education Bond Resolution

At its August 22, 2006 meeting, the Boulder Valley School District Board of Education passed the following resolution to move forward the effort to fund improvements for aging district facilities. Use the link below to view the document:

November 2006 Ballot Language

 September 2006 - Citizen' Bond Oversight Committee

A draft proposal for a Citizen's Bond Oversight Committee was presented to the Boulder Valley School District Board of Education at its Sept. 26, 2006 meeting. This committee would monitor the 2006 bond issue and provide and independent review of bond projects. For more information, use the following link:

Citizen's Oversight Committee Proposal

 March 2006 - Charettes Survey Results

Nine "charrettes" -- community meetings -- were held through February and March of 2006 in order to gather input from the BVSD community. These have concluded. To view survey results harvested from these meetings, please go to the Survey Results page.

 January 2006 - Capital Improvements Planning Committee

The BVSD Capital Improvements Planning Committee (CIPC) is made up of community members, school principals, real estate professionals and administrators. They have been researching and analyzing the capital needs of the district's facilities since the fall of 2004.

The committee reported their preliminary findings to the Board of Education on January 10, 2006. Use the following link to view their mandate and guidelines.

Capital Improvement Committee Details/Guidelines

 January 2004 - Report on 1998 Bond Project

In 1998, Boulder Valley School District voters approved a $64 million bond issue for new construction, renovation and repairs in nearly all district schools. As of 2004, all projects associated with the bond issue are complete and we would like to report our progress to the community.

We are providing a summary report on the bond issue projects as well as a detailed list of all the projects completed. We hope you find this report informative.

1998 Bond Project Report

1998 Referendum Expenditures by School





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Board of Education Bond Resolution.pdfBoard of Education Bond Resolution
Board Update on Bond Implementation.pdfBoard Update on Bond Implementation
Capital Improvements Planning Committee Guidelines.pdfCapital Improvements Planning Committee Guidelines
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Facility Master Plan Report.pdfFacility Master Plan Report
Report on 1998 Bond Project.pdfReport on 1998 Bond Project