Arapahoe Ridge High School
6600 Arapahoe Road
Boulder, CO 80303

Original construction date: 1965

Boulder Technical Education Center

Report Updated:  12/28/2011
Project Details

Architect:  RTA Architects

Project Manager: Rex Hartman

Contractor: W.O. Danielson


Arapahoe Ridge expenditures to date

Bond Program expenditures to date



Design Advisory Team (DAT): 

Joan Bludorn
Jeanne Weber
Theo Robison
Kady Haisley
Brooke Loftus
Louise Burger
Todd Hetherington
Sean McCoy
Larry Long
Heather Riffel
Jode Brexa
Marcia Burns
Charles Haserman
Peggy Slater
Denny Pike
Valerie Brierly
Gary Garrison

Contact the ARHS/TEC DAT

DAT Meeting Schedule:

April 30
May 7
May 21
June 11
June 24
September 24

DAT Meeting Minutes


Project Timeline

 Scheduled Milestones
uDD (design development) drawings due 11/08; adjusted due date 01/09; Complete
uCD (construction documents) due 02/09; adjusted due date 03/09; Complete
uConstruction scheduled 04/09 - 08/10; Complete 8/10

u= Design phase
u= Construction phase

Project Status

Project is complete.

 Project photos

Architect Renderings

New Commons Area


New Entryway


Construction photos - June 09









Construction photos - September 2009










Construction photos - November 2009


New Teen Parenting Wing 

New Teen Parenting Wing


New Teen Parenting Wing 

New corridor


New student commons 




Construction photos - January 2010


New student commons - exterior


New student commons - interior


New kitchen


New north addition



Project Photos - August 2010


New north wing and entrance


New Teen Parenting child care center


New infant/toddler playground


New computer lab                                                       New entrance lobby









Scope of Work
​ Facility Condition Assessment (FCA):
  •  Intercom system improvements
  •  Fire alarm system improvements
  •  Exit sign and lighting improvements
  •  Boiler replacement
  •  Interior finish upgrades
  •  Clock and communication system improvements
  •  Electrical service and distribution improvements
  •  HVAC improvements
  •  Interior signage program
 Program Compatibility Assessment (PCA):
  •  Computer room and lab additions
  •  IMC renovation and improvements
  •  Auto shop expansion
  •  Construction trades expansion
  •  Administration office improvements

 Multi-Use Outdoor Facilities (MUOF):

  • No work planned
 Information Technology (IT):
  • Upgrade WAN to provide capacity to support applications with high bandwidth demands
  • Upgrade LANs to provide reliable and responsive access to data, research, and information
  •  Implement VoIP to enhance communications capabilities and reduce costs