Boulder High School

Boulder High School
1604 Arapahoe Ave.
Boulder, Colorado 80302
Original construction date: 1937

Report Updated:  8/8/2011
Project Details

Architect: Klipp

Project Manager: Tom Blahak

Contractor: Pinkard Construction



Boulder High project expenditures

Bond Program expenditures


Design Advisory Team (DAT):


Jan Scrogan
Barbara Leaf
Dave Trajtenberg
Alan Schulz
Brent Graham
Bud Jenkins, Principal
Jean Lange (also staff)
Pat Murphy


DAT Meeting Schedule:

May 11, 31
June 20, 21, 28 (focus groups)
July 19
August 09, 29
September 12, 19
October 8, 11, 12, 17, 22
December 3

Contact the DAT:

Project Timeline

Scheduled Milestones
uSD (schematic design) due 06/07; adjusted due date 09/07; Completed 09/07
uCM/GC selection 07/07; Completed 07/07
uDD (design development) drawings due 08/07; Completed 11/07
uCD (construction documents) due 10/07; adjusted due date 01/08; Completed 03/08
uConstruction scheduled 01/08 - 08/09; adjusted schedule 04/08 - 08/09; Completed 08/09

u= Design phase
u= Construction bidding
u= Construction phase

Project Status


​Project complete


Scope of Work

  Read about green building practices in this project

Facility Condition Assessment (FCA):
  • HVAC upgrades
  • Electrical distribution improvements
  • Clock and intercom systems improvements
  • Interior finishes upgraded (i.e. ceiling tiles, carpet and wall finishes, etc.)
  • Roof replacement and repairs
  • Restroom renovations including ADA accessibility where required
  • Site irrigation system improvements
  • Interior signage program
  • Site paving replacement and repair
  • Exterior wall repair and restoration
Program Compatibility Assessment (PCA):
  • Improvements to special education facilities
  • Enlarge and renovate administrative offices and counseling
  • Provide auditorium stagecraft and storage
  • Renovate consumer studies
  • Enlarge and renovate physical education facilities
Multi-Use Outdoor Facilities (MUOF):
  • Upgrade visitor’s bleachers
  • Install a fire system water main to Recht Field
  • Provide a visitor's team room and bridge over Boulder Creek
Information Technology (IT):
  • Upgrade WAN to provide capacity to support applications with high bandwidth demands
  • Upgrade LANs to provide reliable and responsive access to data, research, and information
  • Implement VoIP to enhance communications capabilities and reduce cost