Manhattan Middle School for Arts and Academics
290 Manhattan Drive
Boulder, Colorado 80303

Original construction date: 1965
Report Updated:  12/27/2011
Project Details

Architect: OZ Architecture

Contractor: Adolfson & Peterson Construction


Manhattan Middle School project expenditures

Bond Program expenditures














Design Advisory Team (DAT):


Martha Gustafson, Principal
Robbyn Fernandez
Benjamin Johnson
Kate Bradley
Kimberly Greene

Susi Haveman


DAT Meeting Schedule:

May 4
May 18
August 6 Back to School Night
Sept. 10
October 8
December 5 (final)


Project Timeline

Scheduled Milestones
uSD (schematic design) due 06/07; Completed 07/07
uCM/GC selection 07/07; Completed 07/07
uDD (design development) due 09/07; Completed 09/07
uCD (construction documents) due 12/07; adjusted due date 02/08; Completed 02/08
uConstruction scheduled 01/08 - 08/09; adjusted schedule 02/08 - 04/09; Construction complete 01/09

u= Design phase
u= Construction bidding
u= Construction phase

Project Status

 Project is complete.



Scope of Work

  Read about the green building practices in this project

Facility Condition Assessment (FCA):

  • Communication systems improvements
  • Irrigation system upgrades
  • Replace obsolete lighting
  • Upgrade electrical service and distribution
  • Interior signage program
  • Other upgrades - mechanical
  • Other upgrades - life/safety

Program Compatibility Assessment (PCA):

  • Additional counseling/office space
  • Provide Special Education spaces
  • Enlarge IMC
  • Enlarge auditorium/music area
  • Enlarge elective area
Multi-Use Outdoor Facilities (MUOF):
  • General improvements to the playfields
  • Replace outdoor basketball courts
Information Technology (IT):
  • Upgrade WAN to provide capacity to support applications with high bandwidth demands
  • Upgrade LANs to provide reliable and responsive access to data, research, and information
  • Implement VoIP to enhance communications capabilities and reduce cost

 Construction Photos - May 2008

Groundbreaking ceremony March 13, 2008








Students and staff sign a support beam, May 21, 2008






Construction Photos - May 2008









Construction Photos - July, 2008









Construction Photos - August/September 2008

Remodeled auditorium

Remodeled auditorium

Remodeled auditorium

New dance studio

New science wing

New science wing

New science wing

New science wing

Remodeled cafeteria and kitchen


New science wing


Construction photos - October 2008


Casework in new Science classroom

New Science classroom

New Science classroom 

Hallway in new Science wing

New Science classroom

View from new Science classroom

Office in new Science wing

Courtyard in new Science wing

New Band room

Acoustic tiles in new Band room

New entryway and administrative suite

New entryway and administrative suite

New administrative suite

New administrative suite

New administrative suite

New entryway interior

Hallway off of new entryway

New signage


Construction photos - January 2009


Daylighting in new entrance

New front hallway

Expanded cafeteria

View from the stage of the remodeled auditorium

New auditorium seats

Exterior view of new Science wing windows

New Science wing classrooms

Hallway in new Science wing

Video monitor of solar demonstration system

Refinished stained concrete in hallways

New music room

New administration suite

New conference room

New entrance

New marquee and sign