Front view of Platt Middle School
Platt Middle School
6096 Baseline Road
Boulder, CO 80303
Original construction date: 1958
Report Updated:  10/5/2011
Project Details

Architect: RB+B

Contractor: Adolfson and Peterson


Platt Middle School project expenditures

Bond Program expenditures







Design Advisory Team (DAT)

Kevin Gates, Principal
Ellen DeBacker
Caleb Starbuck
Karen Keeler
John Riggs
Katie David
Bev McNear
Seth Waldman

Cathy Faughnan
Janine Dunn
Jonathan Smolens

Meeting Schedule
Sept. 28
Oct. 12, 26
Nov. 9, 30

Meeting Minutes


Project Timeline

Scheduled Milestones
uSD (schematic design) due 12/09; Completed 11/09
uDD (design development) drawings due 2/10; Completed 02/10
uCD (construction documents) due 03/10; Completed 04/10
uConstruction Bid due 05/10
uConstruction Scheduled 06/10 - 07/11; Completed 08/11



u= Design phase
u= Construction bidding
u= Construction phase

Project Status


Project is complete.


Schematic design documents

Project photos - October 2010


Renovated Science classroom

Renovated Science classroom

Renovated Art room


New addition

Administration addition

Administration addition 







Project photos - January 2011


Administration addition


Administration addition



Project photos - February 2011


Administration addition

Administration addition


Project photos - March 2011











Project photos - June 2011


New music room

New music library 

Interior remodeling


New reception area

New reception area

New conference room 


Clerestory windows bring light into
the new office space.

Remodel of existing music room 

New music room addition


Existing windows are being replaced
with more efficient ones.




Project photos - October 2011


New orchestra room

New choir room 

New band room 


New music library


New computer music room





Scope of Work

Facility Condition Assessment (FCA):

  • Intercom system upgrade
  • Clock system upgrade
  • Electrical  service and distribution improvements
  • Food service equipment replacement
  • HVAC upgrades
  • Selected window replacement
  • Interior finish upgrades (carpet, paint, ceiling tiles, flooring, etc.)
  • Interior cabinet replacement
  • Interior Signage Program

Program Compatibility Assessment (PCA):

Multi-Use Outdoor Facilities (MUOF):

  • Replace the pavement at the outdoor basketball courts
  • Repair and expand outdoor athletic storage facilities

Information Technology (IT):

  • Upgrade WAN to provide capacity to support applications with high bandwidth demands
  • Upgrade LANs to provide reliable and responsive access to data, research, and information
  • Implement VoIP to enhance communications capabilities and reduce costs