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Business Services Division
Financial Statements, Budget Information and CAFR


Mission is . . .    

To provide quality, reliable, cost-efficient, customer-driven support services.

          In a way that . . .

    • Empowers, involves and recognizes the worth of all Administration and Operations employees, both individually and as groups, through collaborative decision making, open and frequent communication, and individual and team recognition;
    • Employs data-driven methods of measurement that provide guideposts for continuous improvement;
    • Utilizes research to maximize effectiveness and efficiency;
    • Ensures that all employees protect and respect the rights of all individuals;
    • Values and engages all district schools and departments, businesses, and the community;
    • Maximizes the use of our resources;
    • Promotes collaboration, team-thinking, open communication and respect throughout the organization;


So that . . . the Boulder Valley School District mission and priorities are supported, customers are served and the workforce is valued and respected.