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BVSD Vendor's Guide

How to do business with the Boulder Valley School District


For the purchase of goods or services with a unit price of less than $5,000.00, the Purchasing Department may issue orders directly to the vendor. Schools and Departments that have been issued procurement cards may use them to purchase in accordance with limits established, and terms and conditions outlined in the Cardholder Handbook. Applicable catalogs, price lists, or solicited quotations will be used to obtain products at the most competitive price, value, and quality.  Procurement cards may also be used by individual schools and departments within established limits.

For the purchase of goods or services with a unit price between $5.000.00 - $50,000, the Purchasing Department will obtain informal written or telephone quotations from two or more sources.

For the purchase of goods or services with a unit price of $50,000 and over, the Purchasing Department will request formal written, sealed bids from vendors. Bids for goods and/or services with a unit price of $100,000 or more will be submitted to the Board of Education for approval. Requests for Proposals (RFP) are generally issued for professional services when it is important to evaluate other factors in addition to price. Invitations to Bid are generally used for the purchase of materials and equipment when price is the most determining factor when all specifications are satisfied. Each RFP or bid package contains complete instructions for submission. All bids should be clearly identified by bid number, bid title, and opening date and time. Openings are held at the Purchasing Department, 6500 E. Arapahoe, Boulder, Colorado, unless otherwise stated.

First consideration shall be given to the interests, policies, and objectives of the Boulder Valley School District in awarding contracts, including quality, availability, price of the product and responsibility of the vendor. When all factors, including price, are equal, the award shall be made to vendors whose primary place of business is within the school district. However, the school district reserves the right to reject any and all bids, in whole or in part.

Certain bids may require a certificate of insurance, bid security, performance bond, proof of workers compensation, or other requirements as specified in the bid documents. Pre-bid meetings may be required. Invitations to Bid or RFP’s specify the date, time and location of pre-bid meetings, if required.

Textbooks are ordered directly from the publisher in accordance with the approved textbook list.

Library books are ordered in accordance with the dollar level district purchasing guidelines.


Vendors interested in doing business with Boulder Valley Schools have the option to send detailed information regarding the products and services they can provide in an email with the subject line indicating “VENDOR INFORMATION SUBMITTAL” to the Procurement Dept at the following email address: denise.smith@bvsd.org  This information will be forwarded to the appropriate staff within the district for consideration when making purchases related to specific commodities or services.
BVSD does not currently keep a Vendor Bid List nor does sending in your contact and product / service information guarantee receipt of an Invitation to Bid/Request for Proposal or the award of a purchase order. When goods or services are requested by a school or department, the Purchasing Department contacts an appropriate number of qualified vendors to bid, using one of the purchasing methods outlined.
The Boulder Valley School District is an equal opportunity employer. It is important to us that vendors providing goods and services to the district are also equal opportunity employers, that they do not and will not discriminate against any employee, applicant for employment, or in awarding contracts and subcontracts because of race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion or disability.




Vendors will be paid in a timely manner upon receipt of a correctly filled order and submission of an invoice. Questions regarding payments should be directed to the accounts payable department at a-p.helpdesk@bvsd.org . All invoices must reference the purchase order number assigned by the Purchasing Department.

Schools and departments are encouraged to participate in the procurement card program established by the Purchasing Department.  The cards may be used for small purchases within restricted dollar and commodity limits.  Cards are issued in either an individual's name or a school or department's name.  Orders may not be split into multiple transactions to fall below transaction limits established.


Boulder Valley School District is exempt from paying sales or use tax. Vendors may use State of Colorado Tax Exempt #98-02383 and/or Federal Excise Tax Exemption Register #A-237387, where appropriate.


All employees of the district are prohibited from accepting items, gratuities or favors from companies or organizations doing business with the school district. Exceptions to this policy are the acceptance of minor items which are generally distributed by the company or organization through their public relations program.


Although every effort will be made to accommodate vendors who arrive unannounced, it is preferred that appointments be made in advance.