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School Cancellations

Any school closure announcements and updates will be featured prominently on the BVSD Homepage. This page is strictly for listing other contact sources and school closure policy information.

Please note that any district closure due to inclement weather is a complete closure – no classes, no administrative offices open, no school or community-based meetings during the day or before or after school hours, and no extracurricular activities (e.g., school programs, performances, games, practices, rehearsals, etc.)

Notification is given prior to 5:30 a.m., or as soon as the decision is made to close during the day. Lack of any closure announcement on our home page means that classes are being held on their regular schedule. Typically the media will also only release information if school is closed. In most cases, no media announcement means that schools are open. 

See Emergency Notification System and Weather Closures for more information.

 Parental Attendance Responsibilities

Under all but the most extreme conditions, school officials have a responsibility to keep school in session. When the weather is bad, but school is open, parents must make a family decision regarding attendance or late arrival for their children. A personal contact by the parent or a written note to school officials will excuse a student's late arrival or absence during these conditions.

When the weather is severe enough that it is necessary to close schools in all or part of the District, it is extremely important that working parents have pre-arranged child care available to them; arrangements with a friend or neighbor; provisions at a child care center; child care leave from work (if available); arrangements with a neighborhood teenager who also would be out of school; etc. It is very important that parents make these arrangements before the event, since Colorado weather is unpredictable, and it's not unusual to be hit by a severe storm at almost any time during the school year!

In the case of partial closings (where only certain schools or areas in the district are closed) the principal of each affected school will determine whether activities such as parent meetings, programs, athletic events and building-use contracts will be held, cancelled or postponed. Please check with school administration for this information. In the event of a district-wide closure, under most circumstances all events will be cancelled.

 Other Sources of Closure Information


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