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Literature/Flyer Distribution Requests

Boulder Valley School District receives many requests from outside organizations or individuals to distribute information through the schools. We offer a couple of ways for outside organizations to promote their programs, activities and services to parents and students:

  1. Most BVSD schools have a community bulletin board on which approved flyers may be posted.

    Organizations or individuals wishing to post their flyers on a community bulletin board in BVSD schools are asked to send an email with the request for approval to communications@bvsd.org. Please include a copy of the flyer with your email and allow two weeks turnaround time for the processing of your request.

    If your flyer is approved for posting, it will be added to the Communications Approval Record which schools check when approached with a request to distribute information in the school. Organizations are responsible for providing the print copies of their approved flyers to schools for posting on the community bulletin boards.

  2. Another way to get word out is to advertise through BVSD's online resource listing service -- Community Connections. Details on how to advertise are on the site.

Organizations seeking to notify BVSD faculty about professional development opportunities may send their requests to bvsd_pd@bvsd.org.