March 13, 2015
Dear BVSD Weekly Legislative Update reader:
As the Colorado General Assembly is hopefully nearing a constructive compromise on assessment reform in Colorado K-12 public education, I thought that you might appreciate listening to this recent KGNU interview that included BVSD School Board Member Sam Fuqua and BVSD Superintendent Bruce Messinger on this often contentious topic.

Regarding assessment reform, Plank 3.1 of the 2015 BVSD Legislative Platform states:

3.1 BVSD supports a reduction in the amount of time devoted to state mandated testing. BVSD also believes that parents should be assured that students will not be punished through denial of course credits, of grade to grade promotion or of a diploma, as a result of taking or failing to take the state assessment. 

Feb. 19 KGNU radio show - A Public Affair
Host: Joel Edelstein
Standardized Testing in Colorado (podcast available at​​)
Panel of guests includes Boulder Valley School District Board member Sam Fuqua, Boulder Valley School District Superintendent Bruce Messinger, and CU education researcher Lorrie Shephard.

ChalkbeatCOLORADO​ covers PK-20 education issues throughout Colorado including one of the most in-depth and accurate PK-12 daily news to be found anywhere during the session. 

This week, BVSD Communications draws your particular attention to a March 11 story by reporter Todd Engdahl entitled,​ "State Board blows up science, social studies test scores." 

Policy Matters
Current update on bills currently supported, opposed and monitored by BVSD.​

2015 BVSD Legislative Platform.pdf2015 BVSD Legislative Platform 
Each year the Boulder Valley Board of Education approves a legislative platform that sets the district’s legislative priorities and guides the BVSD contract lobbying firm, Policy Matters, LLC, led by veteran lobbyists Tanya Kelly-Bowry and Ernestine Mondragon. BVSD’s effort is overseen by Superintendent Bruce Messinger and Communications and Legislative Policy Director Briggs Gamblin. School board members Tina Marquis of Boulder and Jennie Belval of Broomfield serve as the seven-member school board’s legislative liaisons. 

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