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The Boulder Valley School District is dedicated to having an open and collaborative relationship with its stakeholders.


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General Questions and Concerns

Our hope is that this website will help you find the answers you are looking for, but we welcome your questions, compliments and feedback.

Please remember, under Board Policy, it is always best to begin with those closest to the situation.

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Begin at the school or department level

In the Boulder Valley School District, we believe in building strong relationships between our students,  parents and educators, as well as our schools, departments and our stakeholders.

For this reason, when there are questions or concerns -- we encourage individuals to reach out to those directly involved in the work.

Is the issue in the classroom?
Speak to your child's teacher.

Concerned with something happening within a school?
Talk with the principal.

Want to share a compliment or complaint about a district initiative?
Contact the department leader.

If unresolved, an issue may be escalated to leadership

Board Policy KE and KE-R provide guidance regarding situations that are unresolved at the school/department level.  Individuals may appeal to higher administrative levels, in the order described below:

1. Building or department level personnel

2. Central administration

3. Superintendent

4. Board of Education



Safety Concerns

Safety is a top concern in the Boulder Valley School District. If you See Something that concerns you, Say Something via one of these avenues.

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