Boulder Valley School District

Open Records Requests

As a government organization, BVSD abides by the Colorado Open Records Act (CORA) which supports the public's right to know how public funds are spent.

Requests for information concerning the district's actions, policies, and educational and business operations are initially routed through BVSD's Legal Counsel office, where it is determined whether or not the requested information is public.

We make an initial response to open records requests within three business days, although some requests do take longer to fulfill and others are determined to be for records that are not public or do not exist.

Whatever the case, you can expect to hear something from BVSD's CORA specialist within three business days of your written or emailed request for information.

Submit a CORA request

In the Boulder Valley School District, we ask all requestors of public records to submit their request electronically, via this form. This ensures that all requestors are treated equally and that requests are properly logged.

Make a Request


Some records requests may require a payment before records can be released. Payments may be submitted electronically via the BVSD Web Store.

CORA Payments

Law, Policies & Regulations

Current and Former Student Records

Student records are not considered Open Records, under the law.

Requests for student records, including those related to Special Education, are handled through a separate process.

Student Records

More about CORA

Learn more about the Colorado Open Records Act, please visit the Colorado Attorney General's Website.