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STEM, Arts, Design & Information Technology

​STEM, Arts, Design & Information Technology

The following classes are offered at the high schools listed to the left of the class name.  

Key to high schools:

ARHS - Arapahoe Ridge High School

BHS - Boulder High School​

Bldr TEC​ - Arapahoe Campus Boulder TEC

BrHS - Broomfield High School

​CHS - Centaurus High School

FHS - Fairview High School

MHS - Monarch High School

NMSH - Nederland Middle-Senior High School​


 Course offered 2017-2018 with Location

A35 Foundations in Art ARHS

A38 Arts of the World - ARHS

A41 Drawing and Painting 1ARHS

A55 Studio Art ARHS

B13 Desktop Publishing/Computer Graphics BrHS


D78 AP Computer Science JAVA (wt)BHS, MHS

D80 Computer Science in the Modern World ARHS

D86 C++ (wt)BHS, MHS

D87 Internet/Web Application Design ARHS, BHS, BrHS, FHS, MHS  

D89 Advanced C++ - BHS, MHS

D93 AP Computer Science Principles Sem1 (wt)BHS, CHS, FHS, MHS

D94 AP Computer Science Principles Sem2 (wt)BHS, CHS, FHS, MHS

IB123 IB Computer Science JAVA (wt)FHS

J86 Sound Design Bldr TEC

V44 Multimedia Graphic Design Bldr TEC

V45 Multimedia 2D and 3D Design Bldr TEC

V61 Computer Information Systems Bldr TEC

V63 Web and Gaming Applications Bldr TEC