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Declining Enrollment

The Long Range Advisory Committee is looking for new members

For nearly two years, BVSD has been engaged in a conversation about how to respond to declining enrollment in the district. The work of the Long Range Advisory Committee (LRAC) has guided our response. This important work continues, and we are looking for new members. In particular we need stakeholder representatives from Superior, Broomfield, Lafayette, and Erie, as well as the Latino Parent Council, District Parent Council, and Special Education Advisory Council. You can learn more about the work of the committee here. When you are ready to apply, click the button below. 

Applications due by Aug. 16. 

LRAC Application

Latest News

At its Feb. 27 meeting, the Board of Education heard the first annual report about enrollment projections and school building capacity for BVSD elementary schools for the next five years. Projections show that enrollment will decline for nearly all BVSD schools in the coming years. Because school districts are funded on a per pupil basis, declining enrollment can lead to budget reductions, inefficient facility operations and a less comprehensive educational experience for students at small schools. 

Read more about the latest update here

Projections starting in 2022-23, indicate that enrollment in the district is expected to decline by approximately 1,700 students over the next 5 years at an annual rate of decline of around 1.5%.


The metrics were developed by the Long Range Advisory Committee and will be used to guide decision making related to declining enrollment. 

Enrollment Advisory Phase

If an elementary school has fewer than two classes per grade level and enrollment is less than 60% of capacity, the Board and community should be aware:   

  • Resource allocation will adhere to the established staffing funding formula to the greatest extent possible.

  • Multi-age classrooms may be necessary to meet the funding formula.

  • Library, counseling, and specials may be limited.

Community Engagement Phase

If an elementary school’s enrollment continues to decline below 50% capacity and fewer than 1.5 average classes per grade level with a projected trend to continue for at least 5 years, the Board will engage staff to lead a community-based process to develop possible solutions to provide a thriving, well-resourced educational environment for students and staff. Decision-making should be in the context of looking at geographic areas or multiple schools if appropriate. Timeline will be established by the Board.

This process may result in recommendations that could include but are not limited to:

  • Continuing to operate at the established staffing funding formula 

  • Focus or specialized programming

  • Reallocate grade levels with neighboring school

  • Closure/Consolidation

Board Meetings

Feb. 27, 2024
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