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Rob Price

Assistant Superintendent, Operations
Assistant Superintendent, Operations

Equal School Day - The Impact of Professional Learning Time (PLT)

What is Professional Learning Time - PLT?

Professional Learning Time allows educators to collaborate with their colleagues to further their practice and support student learning.

  • As we implement BVSD's Strategic Plan, the time allocated during PLT will become essential to reduce disparities in achievement and equip teachers with the resources needed to serve the social and emotional needs of our students.
  • Providing this consistent collaboration time is a critical part of supporting the work of educators and ensuring they are able to deliver a high-quality educational experience to all students.


The Benefits of PLT for Students

Improved teaching raises student academic and personal growth. 

Professional learning time affects student academic and personal growth through three steps: 

       Professional development enhances educator knowledge and skills.


Enhanced educator knowledge and skill improves instruction.


Improved instruction raises student academic and personal growth.






When teachers receive well-designed professional development,
an average of 49 hours spread over six to 12 months,
they can increase student achievement by as much as 21 percentile points.

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