Boulder Valley School District

Marshall Fire Enrollment

The goal of the Boulder Valley School District is to do everything possible to support and provide stability for students at this critical moment, so that they can continue to learn and be supported by the caring educators they know and trust.

Displaced students are covered under the federal McKinney-Vento program. They immediately become eligible for support, including transportation assistance, to help them continue to attend their school of origin, if such is the preference.

Certainly, each student and family has different needs. We encourage impacted families to first please let us know if your student has been impacted by the Marshall Fire through this form. Afterwards, the school should reach out to determine the student’s needs and how the school and district can support.

Once connected, families should continue to work with their principal/school staff, to inform additional or changing needs. In most cases the school and the McKinney-Vento specialist collaborate to make necessary arrangements.

Next School Year
We know that many of our families are concerned about what will happen to their students next school year. Please know that the Student Enrollment office plans to roll all impacted students to their current school for the 22-23 school year to maintain as much stability for families as possible. For transition grade students we will assume roll-up to the designated neighborhood feeder school. Families who have different needs should, again, work with their principal.

We will endeavor to be as flexible as possible to meet the needs of our impacted students.