Boulder Valley School District

In the coming months, school districts across the State of Colorado will be administering state tests including Colorado Measures of Academic Success (CMAS), PSAT or SAT. 

In Boulder Valley School District, we are encouraging students to participate in the assessments.

The assessments provide BVSD with many benefits.

Student Success

An apples-to-apples comparison with other districts allows us to see where BVSD students are performing well, and where the district needs to improve in order to help students perform better. Teachers also use the data to refine their instruction for individual students.

Curriculum and Resources

The data provides BVSD educators with the insight they need to choose curriculum and to allocate resources to better meet students’ needs, including meeting our goal to narrow the achievement and opportunity gap.

School and District Reputation

The scores determine the designation the state gives our school. Lower designations may impact a school’s reputation. The better we do on our tests, the better our grades on sites like CDE’s SchoolView, Niche, School Grades, etc. These grades are, in part, what prospective parents use to compare us with other schools in the area – and a pride point for our school community.

Boulder Valley students consistently perform above the state average on the tests mandated by the State of Colorado. This high performance bolsters the reputation of BVSD, which benefits everyone, especially our graduates.

For all of these reasons, please have your students take the test and give it their best!