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Health Education Presenters

​​​Health Education Speakers and Community Resources

The BVSD Health Education Program provides comprehensive, skill-based, and age appropriate classroom instruction that addresses the physical, mental, emotional and social dimensions of health.  BVSD is fortunate to receive tremendous support from the community in educating our youth about health. Because Health is taught for such a small amount of time in the overall curriculum, it is important to optimize that time with the use of best practices. For this reason, all guest speakers (individuals, programs, or organizations) must receive approval by the Health Education Advisory Council prior to presenting in BVSD K‐12 health education classrooms.

In order to ensure our students receive the most current and accurate health information, all approved resources and presenters undergo a review of their materials before being allowed to present in classes.  If you are interested in becoming an approved presenter you must complete the Application for BVSD Health Education Speaker and submit it for review by the Health Education Advisory Council.
Previously approved presenters/resources are required to submit an annual renewal application before they are approved for the next school year.  The following link will provide you with the most current list of Health Education Resources / Presenters approved by BVSD for the current school year. Resources are identified by the health standard and grade level approved. 

A list of all approved Health Education Speakers, their topics, and 

a brief description of the resource is available here.


Click here for Student and Teacher Evaluations of Presenters.


If you have any questions or need additional information contact Kyle Addington at kyle.addington@bvsd.org or 720-561-5133