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​​Course Proposals and Fees

All NEW course proposals and new or changed fees will be submitted ANNUALLY for review to the Assistant Superintendent of Instructional Services & Equity prior to being submitted to the Content Curriculum Council and the Curriculum Coordinating Council for approval.

For implementation in the beginning of the following school year and inclusion in a course description booklet, the following process should be followed:

Step 1: School Level Approval

Deadline: Prior to August 31

Note:Please refer to the Course Proposal Guidelines while completing your documents and you are advised to inform fellow department members as well as the ISE Director that oversees the content area prior to submitting.

CHROMEBOOK USERS: Before beginning to work on your proposal, you must download Windows on Demand while on the BVSD network in order to edit in Word.

To propose a new CORE course complete:
1. Curriculum Essentials Document (CED) as a Word doc. See Content Hub for CED examples.
2. Complete a Syllabus

Step 2: Submit

Deadline: August 31

Submit CED, Syllabus, Proposal Form and Fee Application (if applicable) to Ann Hamilton at ann.hamilton@bvsd.org

For CTE courses, new courses will be reviewed by the CTE Advisory Group before being sent to Curriculum Council.

Step 3: Content Area Curriculum Council Review

Date: September

Course Proposals and Fees will be reviewed by content area curriculum councils using these guidelines for Review. Any recommendations will be communicated by content area Director. If approved, will move to step 4.

Step 4: Curriculum Coordinating Council Approval

Date: October

New courses will be presented to, and fees will be reviewed by, the Curriculum Coordinating Council for review. The CCC will determine K-12 implications, costs, value to BVSD curriculum. If approved will move to step 5.

Step 5: Public Review

Date: November

Public Review and review by Instructional Leadership team.

Step 6: Superintendent and Board Approval

Date: December

New courses and fees will be reviewed by the Superintendent's Office and Board of Education for review and adoption.

Step 7: Final Review, Communciation and Dissemination

Date: December

New courses and fees are reviewed for NCAA Clearinghouse Approval. They are then communicated and disseminated to schools via email and to the public via the website.

Please contact Ann Hamilton at 720-561-5177 for any questions.