Boulder Valley School District


The staff of the Boulder Valley School District exists to serve our schools, teachers, students, and families. Below is a listing of our departments, with an ability to filter by the nature of their work.

boys taking tests

Responsible for the preparation and administration of assessments in the district, including standardized testing required by state law. The department also handles all external research requests.

employees talking

Responsible for providing employees with programs to support their health and wellness.



girl drawing shapes

Responsible for the financial management of the school district, including budgeting, accounting, procurement and the management of district materials at the warehouse.

A make up expert shows students techniques at Boulder TEC

Responsible for the creation of programming and partnerships aimed at providing students with skills, expertise and experience that they can apply in their careers or lives.

boy smiling

Responsible for locating and identifying preschool-aged children ages birth to five who are having difficulty with their development in one or more of the following areas:



Two women communicating

Responsible for district-wide communications and community relations, including the publication of district-wide newsletters, videos and media relations.

children playing chess

Responsible for offering fee-based programs that operate in the schools outside of the regular school day. 



empty classroom

Responsible for renting BVSD facilities for meetings and events.



Early Childhood Education

Responsible for the instruction and support of preschool children (under the age of 5 years old) in BVSD.



boys playing in preschool

Responsible for the enrollment and registration of BVSD students and management of their student records.

father with son

Responsible for the development of resources and educational opportunities for BVSD parents and families, so that they can meaningfully participate in their child's education.

children eating lunch in cafeteria

Responsible for serving nutritious and delicious food to BVSD students daily.

girl at desk smiling

Responsible for programming to support students who are developmentally advanced.



grant paper

Responsible for planning, writing and monitoring the district’s major grants, which provide more than $12 million annually to supplement state and local tax-based school funding.



BVSD nurses

Responsible, primarily through school nurses, for caring for the physical health of our students through disease prevention, care coordination, and advocacy for the health and wellness of the whole child

employees listening at a human resources meeting

Responsible the hiring and relations with BVSD's more than 4,000 employees.

girl using technology

Responsible for the implementation and management of technological services and devices throughout the district.

Lifelong Learning

Responsible for offering a wide range of enrichment classes for adults, kids and teens.



child and adult holding hands

Responsible for removing all barriers to enrollment, attendance, and academic success for children and youth who do not have permanent housing.



custodian mopping

Responsible for the construction, maintenance and repair of BVSD's schools, buildings and grounds.

engineer using computer

Responsible for analyzing enrollment trends and providing information related to enrollment projections, demographic trends, economic trends, school capacity and new housing constructions to assess future capital facility and programming needs.



A woman speaks during a meeting, while others listen to her

Responsible for providing high-quality printed products for BVSD schools, departments and community members. 



adults using computers

Responsible for the ethical and impartial acquisition of material and services for the Boulder Valley School District.



employees learning in classroom

Responsible for providing training opportunities for all Boulder Valley School District employees.



principal with students

Responsible for the management of our 56 schools, including the development of high-quality curriculum and instruction for students.

girl playing

Responsible for providing necessary accommodations, modifications and services to students with disabilities, to ensure they have the opportunity to become successful adults engaged in the community.

teacher helping students

Responsible for providing mental health, academic and discipline support for BVSD students, primarily through school counselors and psychologists.

bus driver

Responsible for managing all aspects of transportation within the district, including bussing, the encouragement of multi-modal transportation and management of traffic patters at our schools.