Athletic Review

In 2017, the Board of Education requested a review of the high school athletic programs. A committee was formed to solicit feedback, review programs and providing recommendations regarding strengths, needs, and direction of the district’s high school athletic programming.

Update: May 23, 2019 Presentation to the Board of Education

On May 28, 2019, BVSD Executive Director of Secondary School Leadership Michele DeBerry and the athletic directors spoke to the Board, providing them an update regarding surveys of student-athletes and parents at each of our high schools, as well as the actions they have planned to address concerns they brought up and progress already being made.

First page of the PDF file: Athletic-Review-Presentation-to-Board-of-Education_2019-05-23


Our Athletic Review Committee

The committee convened on January 29, 2018 and met monthly through June 2018 and three times during the 2018-19 School Year to receive updates from the schools. 


The committee work focused on soliciting feedback, reviewing programs and providing recommendations regarding strengths, needs, and direction of the district’s high school athletic programming.


Committee Composition

The principals of the six BVSD high schools with athletic programs, recommended individuals to serve on the committee who (1) represented their community (2) would challenge the system and (3) would advocate for improving the student-athlete’s experience. Representation from each school included a coach, a parent, and a school administrator. In the fall of 2017, an application was posted on the BVSD website for community representation; from the twelve applications, three individuals were selected to serve on the Athletic Review Committee.


Anthony Stewart – Parent, Monarch HS
Carrie Yantzer – Principal, Nederland M/S
Dan Ryan – Principal, Centaurus HS
David Callan – University of Colorado, Boulder
Don Stensrud – Principal, Fairview HS
Edward Hartnett – Assistant Principal/Athletic Director, Boulder HS
Emerald Murphy – Assistant Principal/Athletic Director, Centaurus HS
Eric Gustafson – Assistant Principal/Athletic Director, Monarch HS
Erin Watson - Community
Frank Dubofsky - Community
Ginger Ramsey – Principal, Broomfield HS
Hardy Kalisher – Coach, Boulder HS
James Hill – Principal, Boulder HS
Jeff Frykholm – Coach, Fairview HS
Julie Daniel – Coach Centaurus HS
Karen Minniear – Parent, Fairview HS
Kent Reiderer – Coach, Monarch HS
Kirt McCracken – Coach, Nederland M/S
Michele DeBerry – Executive Director, School Leadership, Secondary Level
Miriam McCarty – Parent, Boulder HS
Neil Anderson – Principal, Monarch HS
Patrick Decamillis – Coach, Broomfield HS
Randy Herbstreit – Parent, Centaurus HS
Richard Affleck – Assistant Principal, Centaurus HS
Richard Elertson – Assistant Principal/Athletic Director, Nederland M/S
Shelly Benford – Board of Education
Stacey Zis – District Parent Council
Steve Shelton – Assistant Principal/Athletic Director, Broomfield HS
Terrin Kelly – Assistant Principal/Athletic Director, Fairview HS


As the conclusion of the first year of the Athletic Review Committee, it made the following recommendations to the BVSD Board of Education.

  1. Administer post-season survey, instead of end of year survey to improve participation
  2. Conduct focus group or exit interviews
  3. Solicit feedback on concussion management
  4. Use data to pinpoint improvement in 3 major areas, measure area of success and prevailing needs at each school
  5. Update report January 2019  and present comparison data August 2019 to Board of Education

BVSD accepted the committee's feedback. In addition to conducting surveys, athletic directors at each school developed action plans and in May 2019 they returned to the Board of Education to provide an update regarding those proposed actions and progress already being made. 

Presentation to the Board of Education on May 28, 2019
VIDEO: BVSD athletic directors speak to Board about Athletic Review