Boulder Valley School District

Weather Delays and Closures

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Wondering what to expect in case of a weather closure in all or part of BVSD?




  • Watch the area at the top of the front page of the BVSD website. Public notice of a closure or delay will be posted on a banner there as soon as possible after the decision has been made.
  • An email, phone call and text message (for those who have opted in to receive text messages from BVSD) will be sent to everyone whom the closure or delay directly affects.
  • In cases of all-district closures, the messages will be sent to ALL BVSD parents / guardians and staff.
  • In cases of mountain school closures, only mountain schools and mountain bus parents/guardians and staff will get the email and text messages.
  • Media will also be alerted in both cases, and Facebook and Twitter notices will be posted.
  • No notices means no closures or significant delays have been reported.
  • Except in very rare instances, decisions about closures are generally made by 5:30 a.m.

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