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Stephanie Faren

Director, Health Services

Outdoor Air Quality

Boulder Valley School District understands that poor air quality can create uncomfortable and even dangerous conditions for students and staff, particularly individuals with respiratory health conditions. 

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment collaborates with AirNow, a national partnership that monitors and provides outdoor air quality data around the State and reports Air Quality Advisories. 

BVSD has recommendations to guide school administrators in decision making related to outdoor air quality based on the Air Quality Index.

Read the Outdoor Air Quality Recommendations

Air Monitoring in the Marshall Fire Area

To provide additional information about outdoor air quality in the Marshall Fire area, air monitors have been installed on the eight schools in Superior and Louisville. The instruments monitor the level of ultrafine particulate matter in the air. Data is recorded and shared via an online platform.

Schools will monitor the air quality information and use it with BVSD’s Outdoor Air Quality Guidelines to make decisions about conducting outdoor activities. 

Air Monitor Live Data by Location
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Current Air Quality Conditions in Boulder County


Fire and Smoke

The smoke from wildfires contains pollutants that can significantly irritate lungs, cause inflammation and increase the potential for respiratory infections.  The CDC and EPA have resources to help prepare for, stay safe during and after wildfires.  

Wildfires - Resources for health and safety from the CDC

Wildfire Guide Factsheets - EPA resources