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NoodleTools is a web-based bibliographic and research service that helps students accurately cite sources in MLA, APA, and Chicago/Turabian citation styles. Students can use NoodleTools to track and manage all aspects of their research projects including aggregating and annotating sources, create outlines, collaborate with classmates, and format, print, or embed bibliographies/works cited into final reports.

Getting Started with NoodleTools

The simplest way for students to access NoodleTools is to click on the NoodleTools button under the Google Apps "waffle" menu in Google Apps grid.

After clicking on the NoodleTools button students will be prompted to sign in with their Google credentials.

Students can also access NoodleTools via the custom NoodleTools BVSD URL,

Additional Resources

How to Access NoodleTools Through Google Apps

Detailed instructions for accessing NoodleTools via Google Apps as well as additional instructions for linking NoodleTools accounts, creating new accounts, updating profiles, and unlinking NoodleTools account from a Google ID.  


How to Create a New Project

Instructional Strategies

NoodleTools App

​Search for NoodleTools Companion

NoodleTools now offers FREE iOS and Android apps for all subscribers. "Students working in the library can efficiently scan a book's ISBN or search by author/title to generate a perfectly-formatted citation. After adding an annotation (or notes), the citation can then be routed directly into the student's NoodleTools project of choice.

For iPad Users

​If you are using an iPad or other mobile device, the Google app menu will not dsiplay the NoodleTools app. Thus, you will log in via one of the other two methods (the customized URL or entering your Google email on the mail login screen).