Boulder Valley School District


Enrollment Growth in Erie

BVSD is experiencing enrollment growth in the northeastern area of the district. Meadowlark School is a PK-8 school that opened in 2017, and is the district’s only school in Erie. The school is already at capacity at the elementary level and is expected to be at 150% of the building’s capacity within 5 years. Additionally, large numbers of students are expected from the new 1,400 unit Parkdale community currently underway in Erie as well as from other lands slated for residential development. Although portable classrooms and other short-term measures can help mitigate this enrollment growth, it is clear permanent capacity is needed for these expected students.

The Critical Needs Plan calls for construction of another elementary school in Erie to accommodate both the current enrollment demands on Meadowlark and the additional students from newer residential development coming online. Land for a new school has been designated in Erie’s Parkdale development and will be dedicated to the district by the developer at no cost. Planning for the school is anticipated to begin in 2023. At the secondary level, sufficient capacity at Angevine and Centaurus exists to house any additional students in the upper grades.

Meadowlark School Principal Brent Caldwell talks about the significant development happening in Erie and the impact it is having on enrollment at his school.