Boulder Valley School District

Request Approval to Plant a Tree on a BVSD School Site

Trees play a vital role in enhancing our environment. BVSD appreciates the interest of schools and individuals to plant trees on BVSD sites. The following criteria and process have been developed to ensure trees are properly selected and cared for.

Submission of Request

Form Review

  • The submitted request form will be reviewed by the Sustainability and Maintenance Departments.

  • The committee will evaluate the suitability of the proposed tree planting location, ensuring it adheres to safety regulations and doesn't interfere with public right-of-way, access, existing and/or future infrastructure or utility lines.​​​​

Tree Selection

  • The committee will only consider the preferred tree species listed on the City of Boulder's approved tree list.

  • Selected tree species should be suitable for the proposed planting location and conform to the specified size requirements of 1.5 to 2-inch caliper and 8 to 12 feet tall, depending on the species.

Watering and Care Commitment

  • The requesting party must provide a written commitment to adequately water and care for the tree(s) for two years after planting. This includes watering during the growing season (April through October) and winter (October through March). Properly maintained trees are an asset to the environment and the school district. 

  • The requesting party must also include a plan to install and maintain 2-4” of wood mulch and edging around the base of the tree for a period of two years. Mulch plays an important role in maintaining soil moisture and serves as a barrier to potential damage.

  • The requesting party must install wooden support stakes to provide stability for the roots. The applicant will be responsible for removing the stakes after one year.

  • This commitment shall include a plan for regular watering, pruning, and general tree maintenance to ensure healthy growth.

  • Prior to tree installation, contact Maintenance at 720-561-5143 to coordinate underground utility locations.

  • Approval Notification:

    • Upon review and approval of the tree planting request, the requesting party will be notified in writing that the request has been granted and to proceed with the planting.

      • In the case of disapproval, the committee will provide feedback and suggestions for alternative options or adjustments to the request.

It is important to note that memorial trees will not be allowed as part of this program. The focus is on enhancing the environment and creating a sustainable green landscape within our schools and communities.

We believe that this approval process will ensure proper tree selection, maintenance, and compliance with the District's guidelines. With your help, we can foster a healthier and greener environment for all.

Thank you for your cooperation and interest!


Contact BVSD Maintenance at 720-561-5143.