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Ghita Carroll

Coordinator, Sustainability
Coordinator, Sustainability

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Manager, Project
Manager, Project

Sustainability Management System

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The Boulder Valley School District is building on three decades of environmental stewardship and continues to embrace and integrate environmental sustainability. The district hired a Sustainability Coordinator in the summer of 2008 and launched its first version of the Sustainability Management System​ (SMS) in 2009.  The SMS is a comprehensive approach for identifying and coordinating existing efforts, establishing baselines, defining sustainability for BVSD, and creating plans to integrate sustainability into our operations and curriculum. The SMS is used as a roadmap for future years and is reviewed annually. The SMS also has an annual public reporting measure which leads to accountable actions and future goal setting. 

The Sustainability Management System puts policy into action by setting five-year goals for performance in four areas: Transportation, Buildings, Materials Flows, and Education. These four areas are joined with cross-cutting themes of Climate and Health.

In 2015, BVSD released the updated Sustainability Management System to reflect new 5-year goals and updated visions. BVSD will be updating the plan and celebrating the 10-year anniversary of this work this year!

2015 Sustainability Management System Update

2013 Sustainable Energy Plan

2012 Sustainability Management System Progress Report

2009 Sustainability Management System

BVSD Sustainability Management System