Boulder Valley School District
Too Sick for School?

When Children and Staff Should Stay Home from School or Child Care

During Colorado’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, students and staff who have symptoms consistent with COVID-19 listed below must follow the Return to Learn guidance from CDPHE.

Testing for COVID-19 is strongly recommended for anyone with symptoms or a known exposure.


●    Feeling feverish, having chills or
      a temperature of 100.4°F or greater
●    Loss of taste or smell
●    New or worsening cough
●    Shortness of breath or difficulty

●    Sore throat
●    Runny nose or congestion
●    Muscle or body aches
●    Headache
●    Fatigue
●    Nausea, vomiting
●    Diarrhea


When the Return to Learn guidance instructs students or staff to follow the regular return to school illness policy, the How Sick is Too Sick guidance should be used to determine when students and staff may return to school or child care.

Remember:  There are four main reasons to stay home from school or work.

1. Someone who the child or staff lives with or has had close contact with has been diagnosed with COVID-19 or the child or staff person has symptoms of COVID-19.

2. The child or staff member does not feel well enough to take part in usual activities. For example, a child is overly tired, fussy, or will not stop crying.

3. A child needs more care than teachers and staff can give while still caring for the other children.

4. The symptom or illness is on the How Sick is Too Sick guidance, and staying home is required. 

The best way to prevent the spread of infection is by staying home when sick and through good hand washing.

(¿Qué tan enfermo es demasiado enfermo?)

Have questions or need more information?  Visit the Health Services page.