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Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Boulder Valley School District is committed to providing the continuum of services, PK through graduation, in order to meet the individual needs of all students who are identified as Deaf or Hard of Hearing (DHoH.)

This is provided through 504 services, itinerant Teacher of the Deaf (ToD) supports, audiological support and through center programming. We believe that all students should have the ability to access the general education curriculum within the general education setting to the maximum extent appropriate as determined through each student’s educational plan. This aligns with the District goal to ensure that students, families, staff, and community members experience a safe, healthy and inclusive environment and also aligns with special education law around least restrictive environment. We are dedicated to implement each student’s IEP, 504 and/or Communication Plan to address the student’s individual needs in accessing education.
The DHoH center program is located at Monarch preK-8 and Monarch High School. Students who access the center program are those identified with a Deaf Hard of Hearing primary special education eligibility that need a sign language interpreter and/or students who need 3 or more hours of direct services a week from the Teacher of the Deaf ToD (1.5 for pre-K or Kindergarten level students). Students who access the center program also include those who have equipment needs that cannot be accessed by the student without on-site support from someone specialized in that equipment on a daily basis. It also includes those students who have Communication Plans which indicate the need for DHoH peer models as part of the student’s identity, above and beyond specific events or activities.  Services provided by the center program could include co-taught classes, pull out small group or 1:1 services, collaborative design for direct and indirect services provided by an onsite Teacher of the Deaf. Services can also include support of a sign language interpreter or closed captioning for access. The center-based program values current research and considers best practice in providing both academic and social/emotional services for students. Students who access the center program may have other special needs in addition to those related to hearing. An IEP team would meet to determine if all of a student’s needs can be met at the center program school when multiple special needs are identified.

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